Hi, hello, I am the player behind J'roshi. You can still call me J'roshi, or simply Roshi (and I won't correct you). I'm a dinosaur in rp years, and I enjoy an array of flavours, ranging from slice of life to much, much darker subject matter.I'm interested in music, psychology, art, historical erotica (mostly art, not so much fetishes), and witty or sarcastic, positive phrases. To date, my favourite is probably, "If you can't handle me at my worst, that makes me stronger than you."Check out my Twitter for screenshots.


J'roshi is a rather prickly individual, even when better acquainted. Not always a connoisseur of all things fine, each of the scars on her hands tell quite the story leading up to her now lavish lifestyle. Where before she was well-known about adventurer's guilds, she now spends more time rubbing elbows with social and criminal elite alike, or swapping secrets in dark corners of dimly lit speakeasies. Polite to the extent of being polar, the Miqo'te is wont to use honorifics or common prefixes with near everyone she meets - even after continued insistence otherwise.

Owns and operates a floral boutique, Flora Exotica, in Ul'dah.

I'm a sin eater. I absorb the misdeeds of others, darkening my soul to keep theirs pure.


- J'roshi is the owner and operator of boutique Flora Exotica
- Known as a Woman About Town, one might often hear J'roshi's name from different lips in various social circles within Ul'dah, usually amongst the social elite
- Prior madame of the Whispered Wish, though she doesn't like to talk about it
- Self-proclaimed Concierge of Crime, J'roshi has several contacts in the underworld, criminal and elite alike
- A skilled musician, J'roshi can play most instruments put in her hands
- A rather accomplished botanist, J'roshi has written several periodicals pertaining to plants of the Coerthas area pre- and post-Calamity.
- Once upon a time, J'roshi fancied herself a proper adventurer, able to boast assisting in the Dragonsong War
- Amongst her other hobbies, J'roshi sells hand-rolled cigarettes


Contrary to many carrds, I've decided not to feature my character's relationships publicly, as she is a very private individual.

A Shortcut to Brown Mushrooms
by Ms J’roshi Jesal
Don't be fooled by their simple name and cultivar; this earthy fungi is anything but plain. Found most commonly between trees in the Churning Mists, this rich, flavourful shroom is popular in hearty breakfast meals for adventurers and travelers alike. But enough about its limited utility. How do you find them, and not another similarly brown mushroom? First: know how to hunt for them. Many mushrooms which look similar may be in the same family, but they are very likely poisonous cousins. You can identify this one best by locating its favorite tree under which to spawn. This mushroom seems to favour crepuscular hours, being most easily found early in the morning or a few hours after moonrise. Enjoy responsibly.

Noble Sage vs Clary Sage and Why You Should Know the Difference
by Ms J’roshi Jesal
Noble sage is a plant of great import and use. Not to be confused with its cousin Clary Sage, Noble sage decorates itself in deep blue flowers as opposed to the light purple ones of its family member. While clary sage still grows plentifully in Western Coerthas Highlands, noble sage is more reclusive and delicate when found in the wilds of the Dravanian Forelands. Because of this, it is considered to be more valuable and of higher quality; therefore its derivatives and products created with it more expensive. In possession of a pleasing scent - herbaceous, earthy, floral, and a bit fruity - the flowers make for excellent perfume, popular amongst the nobles of Ishgard - hence the name, perhaps. It also is a great addition to different savoury dishes, complementing root vegetables like turnips and popotos best.Its utility doesn’t stop there, however, as both Noble Sage and its cousin have many medicinal uses, be it to soothe an upset stomach with digestion support or reduce inflammation. There have also been reports of it being a good addition to boost one’s mood and immunity.If asked, this botanist says the plant is worth the trouble.